Picky Bars– Yummy!

I am proud to say that after sampling every flavor of Picky Bars, I am finally part of the Picky Bar family! I learned of Picky Bars when ordering running clothes through a Seattle based company called Oiselle. Oiselle sponsors a pro runner, Lauren Fleshman, who is one of the founders and creators of Picky Bars.

So what is it? A picky bar is a gluten free, allergy sensitive, athlete designed energy bar made from real foods. They have a 4:1 carbohydrate:protein ratio and can be eaten before, during, or after a workout. I have even had one for breakfast before and it kept me full for about four hours. There are five flavors: Blueberry Boomdizzle, Lauren’s Meganuts, Smooth Caffeinator, Need for Seed, and All-in-Almond.

The Blueberry Boomdizzle taste almost like a dessert. It is made of almond butter, blueberries, hemp seeds, and dates. I love this bar for post workout recovery.

Lauren’s Mega Nuts is what satisfies any peanut butter craving. While this is obviously not for those with peanut allergies, it is one of my favorite flavors!

The Smooth Caffeinator is my all time favorite. It has coffee added to it, so that you get a boost of caffeine. I use this bar during my long runs to give me an extra umph!

The Need for Seed is made from Sunflower Butter and is the perfect bar for anyone with nut allergies!

The All-in-Almond is like Lauren’s Meganuts, but made with almond butter. This is also one of my favorites.

Okay so, how can you get these bars? You can go to http://www.pickybars.com. I ordered a sample pack the first time and fell in love, so I joined the Picky Club. For 37.00 a month (includes shipping and tax), I get 18 bars of my choice and also cool goodies. The first month, I got a picky club t-shirt and a wristband in my package. When you do the math you are getting those bars for about 2.00 a piece which is a fair deal considering how much some other name brand energy bars (specifically designed for endurance athletes) cost. You are also getting free swag every month that you order. You only have to commit to three months and can post pone your orders if you don’t like it after that. The company is operated by Lauren Fleshman (a well decorated distance runner), Steph Rothstein (decorated marathoner), and Jesse Thomas (champion triathlete). All three obviously understand the importance of nutrition during endurance events and keep that in mind with their company’s products.

Me wearing my Picky Bars Gear!

Me wearing my Picky Bars Gear!

All of my bars for month one!

All of my bars for month one!


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