Hill Lover WOD

So, I am going to start slowly adding in my WOD’s here for those of you who need some inspiration for your next workout. Generally, my workouts consist of high intensity interval training for speed, strength, and agility.  For today the workout I completed was:

5 minute jog to warm up


5X – 250 meter uphill sprints, jog or walk to the bottom

Strength Tabatas (20 seconds work/10 second recovery): 

8X- With a sand bag (use however much weight you can tolerate) perform squat thrusters into a back squat

8X- Brazilian Crunches (These are in a elbows to the floor plank position and you alternate touching your hips to the ground)

8X- Leg lift hovers (keep knees an inch from the floor while alternating lifting opposite arms and legs)

8X- spider man push up to a kick through (Spider man push up. While on the way up kick your leg through to the opposite side. Return to start and alternate sides).

8X- Sand bag bicep curls.