Chicken Curry Lettuce Wraps


This is a quick Paleo friendly lunch recipe that I seem to never get tired of. You can make a batch ahead of time and just keep using it all week. Lots of protein and flavor packed into this recipe!


Artisan Lettuce

Shredded Chicken (about two cups)

1 Cup Coconut Cream (If you take one can of coconut milk and just use the cream that is layered on top of the milk… Do not shake the can!!!)

Curry Powder (as much or as little as you want)


Slivered almonds (or another choice of nuts that you like)

Shredded carrots


Mix the coconut cream and curry powder together add in your shredded chicken, raisins, nuts, and carrots. place the filling in your lettuce cups. With the lettuce I used I had to layer a few pieces of lettuce together so that the filling did not fall out. For my sides I had veggie chips (made from beets, carrots, and parsnips) and an orange. You could add avocado to this recipe for some extra calories and healthy fat.

Its a new dawn a new day…

So I pretty much went MIA in the late fall of 2014. I started working a second job and life took me away from processing my training and sharing it with the world. Lots of things happened that set me off in my training which resulted in me having to drop out of the fifty mile race that I trained so diligently for. Too little sleep, not focusing on nutrition, and over training weakened my immune system and all it took was being exposed to strep throat to set me back an entire month. Needless to say, I accomplished a lot in 2014: I set a new marathon PR, ran 4 ultra marathons, placed in my age group in several races including a triathlon, and also set a new 1/2 marathon PR. Somehow though, I felt like a failure for several weeks after not being well enough to do the 50 miler that I had trained so diligently for.

For 2015, I am going to focus more on being physically and emotionally stronger. To do this, It will take adjusting my entire lifestyle. I will focus on eating cleaner foods and a primarily primal diet, removing negative energy and relationships from my life, and taking time for self care and rest. I hope to continue with the marathons and with a spring 50k, but will not be pursuing a 50 mile race until I am in a place in my life where I can focus more time to my training and get the proper sleep and recovery time needed to have a strong immune system.

From an emotional perspective, I have learned to accept that not finishing the 50 miler was not a total failure, but rather a wake up call as to how pushing yourself too far and hard can be just as detrimental as not trainingĀ AT ALL.

I will be posting about my training process, races, and recipes that I am trying as the next few months progress! Happy new year!