Meal Prep, Running, and Other News

Okay, so it has been a while since I frequented my own blog. However, my personal training business has picked up significantly I am constantly getting asked some serious questions about nutrition, training plans, and other fitness advice. SOOOOO…. It has re-motivated me to start my blog back up so that I can share some tips with the masses.

First off- what have I have been up to? I know you all are dying to know! So last year (2015) I battled strep throat and tonsillitis off and on. I also made a big move of trying Marine Officer Candidate School in hopes of seeing if I had what it takes to be a US Marine Officer (more on this in a minute). Firstly, the strep throat took its toll on my training- I still managed to squeeze out a marathon PR of 4:00:11 last year at Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon. However, after that race my immune system was DONE. My doctor decided to take my tonsils out shortly after I presented with tonsils so large they were cutting off my airway. So there’s that. It was one of the most miserable experiences ever.

So back to the Marines. I tried out for OCS and failed. Failure is something I experienced a lot in 2015. I failed at dating. I failed at my health. and I failed at OCS. However, there were lots of lessons that I learned in 2015 that have set 2016 up to be a great year so far. Most of my training in the summer/fall of 2015 was geared for going to OCS in Quantico, VA. Shorter runs, more strength training was involved in my fitness regimen. I definitely got bulkier. Needless to say, I made it through the first three weeks of OCS and then sustained a knee injury that continued to flare up and give me problems. I overcompensated my movements and just started having a lot of problems completing the physical events and hikes that are graded. It came to the point (7 weeks in) where I got boarded. At that point in time, I was given the option to re-apply, but I knew deep down that it was not the best career choice for me. I realized that I am intrinsically motivated by helping other people- which I was doing in my career as a social worker and personal trainer. I realized that I have the capacity to help people discover themselves and create change. I went home after week 7 more inspired as a social worker. That led me to my new job where I am doing inpatient and outpatient therapy at a local Mental Health Treatment Facility. I am also doing my second job as a personal trainer and was also asked to help coach a running club at the University of Tennessee. I am feeling happier than ever with my choices and know that I do make a difference in people’s lives by seeing them change and grow over time. I have also been broadening my certifications in personal training and will be testing out of a Corrective Exercise Program soon as well as a Weight Loss specialist certification.

So, in summary, 2015 was a year for me to realize my path and understand my purpose in life. It had lots of ups and downs, but I am learning to love LIFE for the messy parts because they make the good parts so much more enjoyable. I am also more grateful for the things I have going for me now. I could continue to write about this more, but this blog is starting to turn into a novel.

Okay, so Lastly, my current situation with training. I have been working on speed and training for my first marathon in a YEAR! I will be running the Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon for the third year in a row in a few days. I have improved my 3 Mile PR to 20:20, 1/2 marathon to 1:44:55, and my 30K time to 2:46:50 over the last 6 months. I have a new running coach who has me be more focused on speed work, nutrition, and doing the right strength training to compliment my running. I feel more motivated than ever to succeed this year!

So, I am going to hold myself accountable to this blog. I will be posting more about my training, recipes, meal prep tips, and fitness advice. If there’s anything you all would like to see me post about or questions you have feel free to post them in the comments. Love YALL and PEACE OUT.