how does a fit girl handle a breakup?

So I started my blog back up and have yet to post too much due to being so busy. So, since my last post a lot has happened. I ran the Knoxville Marathon for the third year in a row a PR of over six minutes making my finish time 3:54:00!!! This left me more motivated to train again this summer and fall for another marathon so I am currently looking for a fall race.

I wrapped up my first season of coaching the Tennessee Running Club as an assistant coach. This was such a rewarding experience to be a part of. To see kids who are 18-22 making healthy choices, training in the cold weather, sometimes hard rain this winter and managing to win races and achieve personal bests despite this and insurmountable school work.

I gained several new personal training clients and have helped several lose over 10 pounds within the last few months.

I have been working towards my new year’s resolutions still and have paid off over 1500.00 dollars in debt this year so far.

I have been eating healthy and have some recipes and tips to share soon!

I also went through a break up… So I had met a guy in January and things went so well. The first guy that I really fell head over heels for since my divorce two years ago. Dating has definitely been hard- trying to open up to new people and really make yourself vulnerable. Well I did it and needless to say we didn’t want the same things in the end. I have been handling things okay, but it is disappointing and I am definitely sad about it still. SO….

How does a fit girl deal with a break-up?

  1. Gets out and goes and runs her favorite trail in the sunshine.
  2. Meditates at the top of a cliff on her favorite said trail.
  3. Slams sledgehammer on tractor tire until she is in tears.
  4. Takes a hot bath.
  5. Binge watches her favorite movies about independent women- Wild and Million Dollar Baby.
  6. Eats her favorite Ice Cream.
  7. Makes a playlist of songs that make her feel happy.
  8. Wakes up the next day and realizes that she is enough, tough, and can do anything she sets her mind to because she knows her own strength.
  9. Repeats all steps until she feels better.

So I want to hear from you all! How have you handled break-ups and recovered faster?


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