Planning for Whole 30

Hello Lovelies! I have finally decided to start the Whole 30 challenge for the first time and have committed to a start date of June 4th. I have done a lot of research and I am excited about the potential benefits of doing this nutrition challenge.

What is Whole 30, you may ask? It is a 30 day challenge of eating non-processed, clean, whole foods. The rules are strict- no grains, beans, sugar (or sugar replacements– even HONEY), alcohol, bread, or dairy products. You are supposed to eat foods with no added sugar, chemicals, and preferable grass fed meats and eggs. This challenge is high protein, carbs from vegetable sources, and healthy fats. It is similar to a paleo lifestyle- which I did for about a year- but it is more strict to jump start a healthy lifestyle change.

Why I am I wanting to do this craziness, you may ask? When I lived a paleo lifestyle I was the most energized I have ever felt. I was running ultra marathons, kickboxing, crossfit, and krav maga… all at the same time. I slept better and had fewer GI issues. I added grains back into my diet due to some recommendations when I started running more seriously and for speed. While I do agree that increasing my carb intake helped my endurance and speed, I have struggled with stomach pain, nausea, and some other issues since then off/on. While I really don’t eat a lot of processed food, sweets, or alcohol I am really concerned that these issues are either attributed to eating breads or dairy. This challenge is going to help me narrow down the culprit. Also, it will just help me start to think more about my nutrition in general since I have been in the habit of eating cereal for dinner on a regular lately.

But what about CARBS, you may ask?! Oh…. the joys of the running world. We LOVE our carbohydrates. However, most people forget that carbs can come from a lot of sources, including vegetables. On the whole 30 your carbohydrate sources include starchy veggies like potatoes (white or sweet), apples,plantains, etc. I will be eating plenty of carbohydrates from these sources to keep my energy levels up. For running snacks (fortunately I do not start full on marathon training until the end of June, so I won’t be doing long runs over 12 miles unless I just feel up for it) I will use the whole 30 recommendations of dried fruit during my long runs. I have actually done this before and it works fairly well for me. I have never used Gels (shocker) anyways due to getting searing stomach cramps during my long runs. I am usually a Gatorade drinker only, unless I do more than 20 miles, then I will add in real food like a banana or oranges during my runs. Most people do not realize how chemically ridden energy gels are to begin with. They have a high sugar content and require you to keep eating them every hour during a long run to avoid a “carb” crash. Using real food requires your body to use fats and proteins to burn energy – which sustains you over a longer period of time. Also, I know so many people who over use gels- I literally have some friends who eat them at work– I think they are just GROSS. When I am done with this challenge I will start using honey and 100% maple syrup packets during my longer runs instead of “sugary” products.

So, I’m anxiously counting down the next three weeks until I start my challenge. I have already started cutting out some of the items that I am not allowed to have- like extra sugar. I like giving myself time to get ready… I can meal plan for the thirty days and try some of the recipes out to make sure I will like them. Also, it gives me time to rid my house of all of my vices like oatmeal and the dark chocolate and peanut butter stash I keep for myself. Yes, In case you didn’t know peanuts are a bean- so they are out. I am making a major sad face for this one.

Have you done whole 30? Share your pointers or recipes here for me if you support my survival. During my challenge I will post my meals and thoughts daily so that if other people have been thinking of trying it- they can live vicariously through me for thirty days. So, look forward to reading my BLOG more!


Pinterest for the WIN!

Like many others out there, I am still a pinterest addict. It is where I go for a lot of motivational to include workouts, recipes, quotes, playlists. If it weren’t for this amazing little app, my life would be so stagnant.

In my journey to eat cleaner, healthier foods, I sometimes miss out on some of my old favorite “junk” foods like Asian takeout to include EGGROLLS!

While browsing on pinterest I stumbled across several recipes for “healthy” eggroll options. I combined several tips from the different posts to come up with my own creation. Here it is- Eggroll in a bowl:


  • 1 small head of cabbage
  • 1 bag of matchstick carrots (or you can shred your own)
  • 1 pound of organic sausage, turkey, pork, chicken or whatever choice of meat you prefer. I used sausage for mine.
  • 2 tbsp. of sesame oil
  • 2 tbsp. of Korean chili garlic sauce (or any other hot sauce or Asian inspired sauce you like)
  • drizzle of soy sauce or coconut aminos if you cannot do soy.


Brown the meat in a wok or large pan, then drain any remaining fat. Add chopped cabbage and matchstick carrots and mix with the meat. Add the sesame oil and sauces and stir the mixture until it is all mixed well. Continue to cook over medium heat until the cabbage is soft. You can serve with rice or other vegetables. I chose to go low carb and have some broccoli with mine. Enjoy!


My ultimate playlist for feeling empowerment as a woman

So, things have been moving along this month. I have been really busy (but grateful for this) with work. I am not sure if I really put this out there, but I work two jobs, my full time job is doing individual therapy inpatient and outpatient for a local mental health organization. My second is personal training at a local gym and also have been doing some coaching for a running club. So I basically have been working in overhaul to help get some clients caught up on sessions that they missed during the holiday season at the gym and have been working 55 hours a week since my marathon cycle ended! This has put my own training in a weird predicament. The timing is good, because my body needed a rest from OCS followed by a tough 4.5 months of marathon training. I have been focusing more on recovery, strengthening my body back up, mobility, and just running for… FUN. No watches or major paces to watch… which is actually refreshing. It’s making me remember why I loved it in the first place. I have finally picked a fall race and will be training for the 7 bridges marathon in Chattanooga in October. My training will start back up in June.

So as many of you know from my last blog post, I recently went through a break up. It made me feel a lot of things I haven’t felt in a while. For the first time since getting a divorce, I had truly opened up 100% to someone else and that was not easy. I also fell hardcore for this person which makes it tough to get over (as much as I put on a front that it’s not that bad). All things happen for a reason and I definitely learned a few lessons, so it was not a completely bad thing. Focusing on work and strength training has really helped, but so did making a super awesome playlist to listen to during my workouts and to/from work everyday. Here it is in case any of you amazing girls that follow me need a mix of new and old tunes to get you over a hump. If this doesn’t represent how diverse my taste in music is, I don’t know what else does!

  1. Marry Well– ZZ Ward
  2. Put the Gun Down– ZZ Ward
  3. Catch us if you can– Elle King
  4. Criminal — ZZ ward
  5. Move like you stole it– ZZ ward
  6. Lil Darlin — ZZ ward
  7. Cryin Wolf– ZZ Ward
  8. Save My Life– ZZ ward
  9. Til the Casket Drops– ZZ Ward
  10. One Last Look — Gin Wigmore
  11. Just Like Fire– P!nk
  12. Freedom- – Beyonce
  13. Formation– Beyonce
  14. Diva– Beyonce
  15. Independent Women– Destiny’s Child
  16. Masterpiece– Jessie J
  17. Take a Bow– Rhianna
  18. Get on your knees– Nicki Minaj
  19. America’s Sweetheart–Elle King
  20. Last Damn Night– Elle King
  21. Dangerous Woman–Ariana Grande
  22. No- Meghan Trainor
  23. Better When I’m Dancin’ — Meghan Trainor
  24. All about that Bass– Meghan Trainor
  25. Lips are Movin’– Meghan Trainor
  26. Gasoline–Halsey
  27. Bang Bang Bang– Dorothy
  28. Wild Fire– Dorothy
  29. Birmingham– Shovels & Rope
  30. Wicked Ones– Dorothy
  31. Raise Hell– Dorothy
  32. Gun in my Hand– Dorothy
  33. Shake it off– Taylor Swift
  34. We are Never Ever Getting Back Together– Taylor Swift
  35. Tornado– Little Big Town
  36. You Lie– The Band Perry
  37. Fastest Girl in Town– Miranda Lambert
  38. Mama’s Broken Heart– Miranda Lambert
  39. Chainsaw–The Band Perry
  40. Tough– Kellie Pickler
  41. Somethin’ Bad– Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood
  42. Little Red Wagon– Miranda Lambert
  43. Bad Karma– Ida Maria
  44. Black Sheep– Gin Wigmore
  45. Kill of the Night– Gin Wigmore
  46. Don’t Stop — Gin Wigmore
  47. Change your life– Iggy Azalea
  48. Trouble– Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson
  49. Black Widow– Iggy Azalea
  50. Fancy–Iggy Azalea
  51. Part of Me– Katy Perry
  52. Flawless- Beyonce and Nicki Minaj
  53. No Scrubs- TLC
  54. I knew you were trouble– Taylor Swift
  55. Va Va Voom- Nicki Minaj
  56. Pretty Girl Rock- Keri Wilson
  57. Diamonds– Rhianna
  58. Fighter– Christina Aguilera
  59. The wild one– Suzi Quatro
  60. Girl on Fire–Alicia Keys
  61. Real Wild Child–Joan Jett
  62. Run the  World– Beyonce
  63. Paper Planes — MIA
  64. you and I– Lady Gaga
  65. Maps–Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  66. Raise Your Glass–P!nk
  67. Cherry Bomb– The Runaways
  68. Man Like That–Gin Wigmore
  69. Fire — Delta Rae
  70. If I loved you– Delta Rae
  71. Thin Line– Honey Honey
  72. Bad Girls– MIA
  73. Superwoman– Alicia Keys
  74. Feeling Myself– Nicki Minaj
  75. Feeling Good–NIna Simone
  76. Doo Wop– Lauryn Hill
  77. Eyes Open– Taylor Swift
  78. You’re Not Sorry– Taylor Swift
  79. Bo$$– Fifth Harmony
  80. If I Could Be Her– ZZ Ward
  81. So What– P!nk

So this playlist so far is about 5 hours long. I will probably keep adding as I hear new songs, but just compiled all the ones I had plus a few new ones that I have been hearing lately. If you have an awesome song that makes you feel empowered as a woman, please comment below!