Race Results



I will admit that I have been the worst at keeping track of my race results over the years. When I first started running, I never thought I would actually take it this seriously. Luckily, for most races, if you registered online they keep track of the results for years so I am trying to put together a snap shot of my progress so that it is easier to compare new results to how I did in the past! I am going to split the results up into categories of Road, Trail, OCR, and Triathlon so that it is easier to read here.


Road Races

Date Race/location Time Place if applicable
5/19/2012 7th Annual Run for the Warriors 10K – Jacksonville, NC 54:02
9/22/2012 Marine Corps ½ Marathon – Jacksonville, NC 2:19:10
10/13/2012 Beirut Memorial 10K-Jacksonville, NC 54:51
12/01/2012 The Physical Therapy Clinic Merry Fitness 5K- Jacksonville, NC 24:48
12/8/2012 Santa Shuffle 5K – Jacksonville, NC 24:41
5/18/2013 8th Annual Run for the Warriors ½ Marathon- Jacksonville, NC 2:13:30
10/?/2013 Marine Corps Marathon- Washington, DC 5:39:51
3/30/2014 Knoxville Marathon- Knoxville, TN 4:40:42
9/27/2014 Nashville Women’s ½ Marathon- Nashville, TN 1:51:34
Feb. 2015 Whitestone 30K- Kingston, TN 2:54:31 1st in age group
4/01/2015 Knoxville Marathon- Knoxville, TN 4:01:46
5/28/2015 Rock n’Roll Marathon- Nashville, TN 4:16:02
2/6/2016 Strawberry Plains ½ marathon- Strawberry Plains, TN 1:45:08 4th in age group
2/28/2016 Whitestone 30K- Kingston, TN 2:46:50 1st in age group




Knoxville Marathon- Knoxville, TN


Pilot Fireball Moonlight 5K- Knoxville, TN





5th in age group



3rd in Age group



Date Race/location Time Place if applicable
2/9/2013 X-Treme Endurance Challenge 10K- Jacksonville, NC 1:03:55
3/16/2013 St. Paddy’s Engineer 5 Mile Run- Jacksonville, NC 54:25
3/23/2013 Carolina Spartan Sprint- Charlotte, NC 1:36:49
3/23/2013 Carolina Spartan Hurricane Heat- Charlotte, NC
4/20/2013 Zombie Escape 5K- Raleigh NC 34:22 1st place age group
4/27/2013 MARSOC Mud Sweat and Tears 5 Mile Run- Jacksonville, NC 46:48
8/24/13 VA Super Spartan- Wintergreen , VA 4:02:31 5th age group
11/9/2013 Carolina Spartan Beast- NC 3:33:14 3rd age group
3/15/2014 St. Paddy’s Engineer 5 Mile Challenge- Jacksonville, NC 52:11
4/26/2014 MARSOC Mud, Sweat and Tears 5 Mile Challenge- Jacksonville, NC 42:41 1st place age group, 5th overall female
6/14/2014 Fear the Reaper 12 hour endurance event- Cosby, TN ? Completed 8 laps ~35-40 Miles
11/8/2014 SEAL: Night Ops 8K- Cosby, TN 1:49:59 3rd overall female
2/7/2015 SEAL: Frozen Few 10K- Cosby, TN 1:57:34 2nd overall female
4/11/2015 Charlotte Spartan Sprint- Charlotte, NC 1:43:00 9th age group




SEAL: First Light 5K- Cosby, TN

Asheville Super Spartan-Asheville, NC





3rd overall female

Elite Heat: 70 in gender 23 in age, 244 out of 323 elite (M/F) overall


Trail Races

Date Race/location Time Place if applicable
7/21/2012 Sandsational 8K Beach Run- Jacksonville, NC 46:46
4/12/2014 War at Windrock 3 Stage Trail Series: Oliver Spring’s TN

36 miles (for a “50K”!!)

9:37:22 3rd overall female


4/12/2014 War at Windrock 4Mile 47:39 1st overall female
4/12/2014 War at Windrock 10K Uphill climb 2:32:26 4th overall female
4/12/2014 War at Windrock 34K Trail Run 6:17:17 4th overall female
7/?/2014 Haw Ridge Trail race- 7 Miles- Oak Ridge, TN 1:09:51




Norris Dam Hard Trail Race- 50K- Norris, TN


XTerra 13.1 Panther Creek, TN





11th overall female



1st in age group


Whole 30 Day 23-24

Today is officially day 25! other than the adult beverages I consumed the one day I did cheat, I can say that I have had no added sugar products for 24 whole days- that is incredible!

So, non-whole 30 talk here. I am trying put together a training plan and race schedule or the rest of the year and I’m realizing that I am not “mentally” there yet. While I thought I would be ready for an October marathon, I just feel like my body and mind are not in synchrony to train for a marathon yet. I am debating switching to a half that month and maybe doing an early winter marathon- not sure what I should do. When I ask myself, why are you really doing it- I can’t really say that it is for fun right now, which is a little disappointing. I am picturing jumping right in and being completely overwhelmed with how much I am trying to balance in my life physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I think that I have overloaded myself with financial goals for the year and with having two careers going at the same time leaves me with little time to recover and practice self-care. I am cutting down some hours at the end of this month with personal training which will leave more room open for running in the mornings before work instead of training in the sweltering heat. Also by the end of July I will have my car completely paid off, 1 credit card paid off, and a huge dent in the other categories. Something is just telling me that if I train right now I won’t do as good as if I wait a few months, build my aerobic base back up for a few weeks, and then hit training again at the end of July in order to have a better outcome. Have any of you ever struggled with letting your body say “it’s just not the time” when it comes to training?

I think for those of us crazy endurance athletes we are often chasing race after race because we just feel like it is what we are “supposed to do” I mean, what would it possibly be like to not have long runs every weekend? Maybe I will give it a few more days to decide, but I am just not feeling it y’all. I need to get out of this mental rut! Can I just keeping doing cross fit and still run 26.2 miles easily? (haha- I know that this is not possible, I am just in love with it right now because it is the easiest thing to fit in my schedule with how busy I am)

Day 23 Food: This weeks is the massive emptying of the pantry/freezer week!

Breakfast- You guessed it, 2 eggs, 1 green apple, and 1/4 cup of walnuts with a bullet proof coffee

lunch- met my friends for church and lunch afterwards. They wanted BBQ and I had plain dry wings (BORING) and some pickles with an un sweet tea.

Dinner- I used some sauerkraut and hotdogs to make a skillet with steamed broccoli. Had an apple with almond butter before taking my meds and going to sleep.

Day 23 Workout:

1 hour flow yoga and inversion practice.

Day 24 Food:

Breakfast: Same ole’ thing, but it is tried and true for me now.

Lunch- two buffalo chicken meatloaf muffins (I’ll post the link to the recipe below because it is the bomb diggity) with roasted veggies (a conglomeration of what I have left for this challenge- sweet potatoes, red potatoes, and broccoli).

Pre-workout snack- homemade coco-matcha energy bar (recipe to be posted)

Post workout- a banana to get me through til dinner

Late dinner- I had the buffalo chicken and veggies AGAIN because I love it! Also one apple with some almond butter with my meds. IMG_0164[1]

Day 24 workouts:

Crossfit- we started our summer of strength sessions today.

3x 10 deadlifts @ 85# (50% 1 rep max)

WOD: 200 M sprint, 15 pushups, and 30 flutter kicks three times for time.

Afterwards I did core work and handstand practice because I am in love with being upside down now that I can do it!


****Link to the recipe:  http://paleomg.com/buffalo-chicken-mini-meatloaf/




Whole30 Day 22

Today is officially day 23! I can’t believe I am down to 1 week already! So this weekend is my weekend off and I have caught up on some much needed rest, but was also able to organize and get my life back in order since it’s been a few weeks since I just had an easy weekend! I am feeling so much better overall and am almost worried to stop eating this clean because I know how horrible I felt before!

Day 22 food: 

Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs, 1/4 cup of walnuts, and 1 green apple and coffee with almond milk

Lunch: two beef and pineapple meatloaf muffins with 1 cup of steamed carrots

Pre-Workout: 1 cup of mashed sweet potato

Dinner: two beef and pineapple meatloaf muffins, 1 cup of steamed carrots, and a banana (last of this meal in the fridge so I got rid of it!).


Day 22 Workouts: 

AM- Crossfit partner WOD 4 min rounds with 1 min rest in between- wall balls, tire flips, pull-ups, and parking lot sprints. I completed about 52 wall balls, 8 sprints, 55 ring rows, and 50 tire flips.

PM-10 mile run- the first double digit run of the marathon cycle! I had to slow my pace due to the heat, but I accomplished the mileage which is a huge accomplishment since I was worried I would never have the strength to run this far while eating very few carbs! I actually ran after dark- about 9PM and my stomach felt great during the run! I hope that I continue to have the energy and “light” feeling that I had today =)


Whole30 day 21

Today is officially day 22- almost down to one week left of the challenge! I have already decided that I will pretty much maintain a paleo lifestyle again based on how much better I am feeling and the reduction in stomach pain and spasms that I was having before (which was my primary goal of the challenge)! I will allow myself to have some freedom to have other foods every now and then, but why blow all this progress by splurging on pizza, donuts, ice cream, and junk when this is all over? I do think I am going to try some halo top ice cream- apparently it is a healthy version of ice cream that is 240 calories per pint- and see how I feel.

Day 21 food: 

Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs, walnuts, 1 green apple and coffee with almond milk

Lunch: two beef and pineapple muffins with 1 cup of steamed carrots and 1 cup of mashed sweet potato with coconut cream

Snack: 1 banana

Dinner: Greek crockpot chicken that I had left in the freezer and another apple with some almond butter

Day 22 Workout Rest day =)   I was sore from the workouts this week!  

Whole 30 Day 20

Hello!!!! Today is actually day 21, but recapping yesterday. I am so excited about this- I have 10 days left of this challenge- which feels like nothing at this point! This week has been the best week of all so far! I am starting to feel GREAT! It is almost “easy” to wake up at 4-430AM, my quality of sleep is getting better, no stomach pain, no headaches, and my energy is great. The thing that I love the most is that I am not getting an afternoon crash at work and my mood just feels happy and pleasant- no irritability or letting things get on my nerves as much. Not sure if that is just because I am having a good week- but I will just say it’s partially due to feeling well. Also, yesterday I was finally able to do handstands at Crossfit- something I have struggled with for two years since having wrist surgery!

Day 20 Food:

7:30 AM- two hardboiled eggs, 1/4 cup of walnuts, 1 green apple and coffee with almond milk

12:00 PM- Two beef and pineapple meatloaf muffins with 1 cup of steamed carrots and a banana

3:45 PM- My final homemade lemon raspberry bar

7:00PM- pulled pork with cabbage and my redskin potato salad and orange slices which I ate after the picture (not a lot of color in the photo, but I am almost certain that adding more white potatoes this week has helped with the energy level).

Day 20 Workouts:

At work- I had a no-show for therapy and used some time to do 100 incline pushups and 200 bodyweight squats.

Crossfit- Did handstand practice- was finally able to get them with out any assistance! I did several after being so happy to accomplish them! For the WOD I did 5 rounds of- 75 Single Unders / 15 Kettlebell swings (I used 35#).

Followed by a 4 mile run with hills.


Whole 30 Day 18-19

I am finally starting to feel some return in energy from the hellacious food challenge that I decided to put myself through. My muscles are a little achy and heavy feeling during my workouts, but I am getting through them finally. I have been listening to the audio book (something I wish I would have done prior to starting the challenge!) and I am learning so much about our food. I do feel like I am brain washing myself to hate whole grains listening to it driving down the road. If anyone rode with me they would think it is total non-sense unless they are as crazy as I am.

I want to know some of your questions that you all have about doing this challenge? Some of them that I have received so far:

  1. how much are you spending on groceries?

I have been averaging about 50-65 dollars a week on food for myself. However, I stocked up the month before I started this challenge for some staples like coconut oil, spices, and almond meal. That saved me some money over time on what I need to meal prep and these items last a while. I purposely choose foods that are healthy, but do not cost a fortune. I certainly don’t want to go broke on this challenge. The first shopping trip I spent about 125 dollars – kind of on accident. I was still learning how to shop for foods that were compliant and picked fancier meats that you really don’t have to buy. That meal prep yielded a lot of food and I still have some meals frozen in my freezer that I will probably get rid of next week in my final days of the challenge.

Also, I am saving so much money just from not going out to eat. Going out can cost between 8-12 dollars if you are getting salads or healthy items plus a drink. So if you do that a couple of times a week that would be almost half of the allowance you have for groceries.

This budget is more than what I used to spend on groceries and I probably wont’ stick with all of the strict rules after the challenge just because of the price of some of the items that you can buy. I just try to think of the money I will save on healthcare and medications later on in life from being healthy now and nurturing my body.

  1. How do you find time to meal prep?

I think I will do a whole blog post of meal prepping! I was doing it before whole 30 so the transition to preparing food ahead of time was not that difficult- just more complicated to find things that are totally compliant. I also ate rice, oat meal, and cereal a lot.

One of my favorite quotes that I have seen is this–

“Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail”

If you are as busy as I am, meal prep is a priority or I will eat crappy food all week just because of what is available at work and the limited time I have to cook after/before work each day.

Day 18 Food:

8:45 AM- 2 hardboiled eggs, 1/4 cup of walnuts, and a green apple +coffee with almond milk

11:35 AM- two beef and pineapple meatloaf muffins and 1 cup of steamed carrots +a banana

Pre-workout snack- homemade mango coconut bar and 1 cup of unsweetened applesauce

8:00 PM Pork with Cabbage and Potato Salad

Day 18 Workout: 10 minute EMOM- 2 squat cleans. I did half at 55 pounds and half at 65 pounds (tougher than it sounds) followed by an 11 minute AMRAP (with 1 minute rest every two minutes) of 5 pull ups, 10 push press (used 35#), 5 Burpees – I completed Six rounds. After Crossfit I ran 3.5 miles fairly easy with two long hills.

Day 19 Food:

430 AM- a banana and coffee just to get something in my stomach before training PT clients.

9:00 AM- Coconut  Lara Bar

10:30- Paleo Pancake with almond butter and blueberries

3:30 PM- Green apple slices with a grass fed beef hotdog

7:00 PM- I met my mom at Chipotle for dinner and got a salad bowl with carnitas, salsa, and guacamole. I was still a little hungry so I had some watermelon when I got home.

Day 19 Workouts: 2 miles on the stair climber and 10 minutes of a Push/Pull routine (50# “sled” push and 50# rope pull with kettle bell on the end-20 Feet each) + core training afterwards. I also walked about 1.5 miles with clients in the morning.

*At my gym we do not have functional training equipment so I made a makeshift sled with the bench and two 25# plates. One of the rooms is carpeted and the bench slides around just like a sled would.

Whole 3o day 13-17

Hey ya’ll! So last week and over the weekend, I was feeling very sickly and having some stomach issues. I think it was the final push of the mass detox this diet is forcing me to go through. I didn’t feel up to doing much more than what was required of me for several days, so I am just now getting to sharing my recent progress! The good news is that I am starting to feel some more energy this week and I have noticed that I am needing less snacks through out the day as well as NO HEADACHES and no afternoon crash anymore! My skin and hair keep getting softer as well!

Day 13 Food:

breakfast: two hardboiled eggs, 1 green apple, 1/4 cup of walnuts and bulletproof coffee

Lunch: Greek Crockpot Chicken, orange slices

Snack- Lemon Rasberry energy bar

Dinner: Steak Salad with walnuts, romaine, green apples and balsamic/oilIMG_0130[1]

Snack: banana

Day 13 Workout:

Ran 3.5 miles in the AM (legs still very heavy and felt so slow =( )

During afternoon break did a circuit of 4x: 25 pushups, 50 squats, and 1 min. plank

*Still feeling heavy and tired with mild headache. Had some stomach pain during my run which was a little disappointing since I am trying so hard to stick with the challenge. Just hoping it continues to improve.

Day 14 Food:

Breakfast: Paleo pancake with almond butter and blueberries and bullet proof coffee

Lunch: Greek Crockpot chicken and a green apple with some sea salt

Dinner: Shamefully an EPIC bar with some watermelon and veggie chips from Kroger (Not feeling that well!)


Day 14 Workout:

Power Yoga, inversion practice, and core/mobility work.

*Still feeling heavy and tired, but improvement in stomach pain and headache.

Day 15Food:

Breakfast- two hardboiled eggs, 1 green apple, almonds and a bullet proof coffee

Lunch- another EPIC bar and veggie chips

Dinner- Cod with Moroccan rub and Ghee, broccoli, watermelon

Day 15 Workout- I was so sick to my stomach, I think I picked up a bug or either this is another stage of the mass detox my body is going through, but I could not for the life of me muster up the strength or energy to workout. So I binge watched Orange is the New Black after I got off work! Sometimes its best to just recover.

Day 16 Food:

Breakfast: Today is meal prep day so I ate a Lara bar and a banana since I was out of eggs.

Lunch- Cod with Moroccan Rub and Ghee and Broccoli/Watermelon on the side.

Dinner- Paleo pancake topped with almond butter, cherries, and coconut flakes and (I know this sounds weird) a grass fed beef hot dog from Apple Gate Farms (I wanted to try it since I found some at Kroger that were compliant).


Day 16 Workout- Still sick to my stomach but getting better.

Day 17 Food:

I cannot believe I am 1/2 way through the 30 Days Y’ALL!!!!!

8:45 AM Breakfast- 2 hard boiled eggs with green apple slices and 1/4 cup of walnuts +bullet proof coffee.

11:45 AM Lunch- Pulled pork with cabbage that I made in the crockpot yesterday and compliant red skin potato salad (seeing if adding more white potatoes helps with the energy levels) +orange slices

4:00 PM Pre-workout snack: homemade lemon raspberry bar

6:00 PM Post workout snack- 1 banana

7:45 PM Dinner- two beef and pineapple meatloaf muffins and 1 cup of steamed carrots +an apple with almond butter

Day 17 Workout: Walked 3.5 miles with PT clients, ran 1 mile at Crossfit plus strength training-

  • 3 sets of 20 Unbroken deadlifts at 75#
  • 3 sets of 10 band pull ups
  • 3 sets of 10 TRX rows
  • 2 sets of 20 goblet squats with 30# KB
  • 2 sets of 25 Kettle bell swings with 30# KB
  • 2 sets of 20 pushups- chest to KB