Time to start the whole 30!

The weekend that I have set for my whole 30 challenge is finally here! Last night I did my final grocery trip that should last me a good two weeks since I prep my meals and freeze them ahead of time. I will have to go back for things like eggs, bananas, spinach, etc. of course, but the meats, nuts, and other freezable stuff is purchased.

So it took me almost two hours last night to find deli meat, bacon, and other meats that are whole 30 compliant. By the way, “compliant” is a word that the Whole 30 people use for foods that are allowed. Sounds a little strict- like you will be punished if you are non-compliant, right?! Any ways, why is it hard to shop for meat ?


Most meats and some brands of yogurt and organic nut milks have a preservative- carrageen- that has been linked in animal studies to ulcerative colitis, intestinal lesions, and colon cancer. The research is minimal, but for whole 30 is not allowed as it could cause inflammation and GI issues in the gut.

Most meats also have added sugar! This has been the largest struggle with grocery shopping. Almost everything- even in the organic sections- have added sugar. I literally touched every single item at Trader Joes in the picture above and it had added sugar! I finally found some compliant Applegate Farms turkey bologna and roast beef at whole foods to make a grown up lunch-able with (yes I am a kid  at heart). I am also exploring target today because I read somewhere else that sometimes they have approved meats.

Lastly, some meats also have soy products. I tried to search for compliant tuna and the only brand I found without soy was a brand called Wild Planet at Kroger. Unfortunately it was really expensive – almost four dollars per serving- so I passed.

Here’s to 30 days- and also to seeing if I can make time to post my progress every day!


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