Whole 30 Day 3

Hello! So today is day 3 (half way point) and I am blogging since I won’t have time to later. So yesterday evening I officially started having those week 1 “detox” symptoms that I read about in other people’s blogs. I started feeling like I had a really bad cold and was too weak to do my run that I planned to get in after work. I also woke up today with a HORRID headache. I really thought I had done a good job of slowly cutting things out, but this challenge has made me realize how much I ate that really isn’t allowed for the thirty days (rice, chocolate, peanut butter…). Last night I dreamed of chocolate milk and eating a whole jar of peanut butter.

I have tried to eat larger portions today to see if maybe I wasn’t eating “enough”. I am also allowing myself to have approved snacks even though snacking is frowned upon, but I am so active and have a fairly high metabolism and feel constantly hungry. Yesterday afternoon, one of my snacks consisted of a banana smeared with almond butter and at night I had a bowl of watermelon before bed.

One of the biggest struggles right now is obviously food cravings. My biggest one is peanut butter with oatmeal (one of my favorite meals). I have also noticed I have the most “snack” cravings at work, while I barely crave snacks at home. I think I was stress eating a lot at work- definitely something that I am aware of now. Tomorrow I will try to post some more pictures of what I ate and as long as my headache does not get worse I am going to attempt my first whole 30 workout later to see how my energy levels are. They say week 1 is the hardest so I am trying to hang in there! Please pray that no one shows up this week with cookies or donuts at work =)



  1. I noticed that I was a lot hungrier when I tried whole 30 in January and as someone who works out every day I decided to go ahead with snacks. It’s crazy how our bodies adapt and then have trouble letting go of certain foods! Also the worst when I try to rejoin whole 30 is the parties and celebrations and free food that just so happen to pop up.

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