Whole 30 Day 4 and other news

I am officially day 4 in of the Whole 30 challenge. Yesterday my headache had continued and despite my efforts to stay away from over counter meds during this challenge I had to take Motrin before the workday was over. I am calling this first couple of weeks a “foodtox”. I do drug and alcohol assessments in my primary job as a therapist. The symptoms that I have had the past two day are similar (granted not as debilitating) as someone detoxing from drugs! Last night I had night sweats and stomach cramps even. I eventually took Melatonin for sleep too. I am trying to think positively that this will be over in a few days and then I will start to feel the “good” effects of this challenge that they talk about. Also, if it feels this bad to get all this junk and chemical laden food out of my system– imagine what it is doing to our bodies long term!

Yesterday’s (day 3) food log:

830 AM- Bullet proof coffee, 2 boiled eggs, 1/4 cup of walnuts, 1 green apple.

100 PM- 2 turkey/bacon/blueberry meatloaf muffins over arugula and spinach and 1 cup roasted brussel sprouts

345 PM-Homemade lemon raspberry power bar and a small cup of coffee (pre-workout)

530 PM- post workout snack 1 banana

715PM- was waiting to meet mom for dinner and was starving had 1 snack size guacamole pack and 1 cup of carrots

800 PM- Attempted eating out at a local restaurant. I had 1 burger patty with sautéed mushrooms on top, lettuce and tomato, and sweet potato fries. I specifically asked for no sugar or added seasonings. I had some mustard on the burger patty (hoping it didn’t have sugar). This was my best attempt to eat something actually filling since the salad choices seemed like a slim option after my workout.

Day 3 Workout:

I decided to try Skyfit since I have been lacking motivation to run lately after getting injured. I did a 3.2 mile (advanced level) workout that included hill sprints… If you have not tried this app – you should. It is like having a motivational speaker coaching you through your workout. You can do treadmill and outdoor runs, elliptical, and cycling workouts. They also have yoga. The app allows you to select distances and paces that are do-able for you, but are challenging with interval and hill work.

After my run, I did superset strength training

3X- 10 Decline weighted situps with 10 lb. plate / 10back ext with 10 lb. plan

3X- 10 Barbell Hip Thrusters / 10 squat thrusters

Followed by Glute activation and mobility drills with bands.

I felt a little shaky and weak during my workouts, but was able to finish my goals for the day.


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