Whole30 day 6

So… I am pretty disappointed. Yesterday, I attempted to eat at Chipotle for dinner. I had done some research prior to the challenge and thought I could get a veggie bowl with “barbacoa”. After devouring my said veggie bowl, I was looking online and apparently it is the “carnitas” at Chipotle that are whole30 compliant. All of the other meats are apparently cooked in soybean oil! So I technically failed yesterday, but since I did this unknowingly, I am going to just keep going and do better next time. I still have not had anything with sugar for 6 days and for that I am very proud! Being a therapist, I am just giving myself advice that I would give a client. Sometimes we slip up or make mistakes but it is not an excuse or reason to say “oh well, I might as well keep on since I didn’t get it right!”.

Day 5 Food:

500 AM- 1 banana and 1/4 cup of walnuts with small cup of coffee before heading to the gym to train clients.

945 AM- Leftover eggroll bowl with two fried eggs on top with peppermint tea


This was even more delicious with the eggs on top!

230 PM- 4 pieces of apple wood farms turkey bologna rolled up with spinach and peppers with carrots and guacamole


This felt like a “snack” it wasn’t very filling, hence the 430 snack

430 PM- 1 cup of mashed sweet potato topped with almond butter and coconut cream

830 PM- my chipotle disaster bowl followed by a banana with a little bit of almond butter (for some reason I was starving).

Day 5 workouts:

Yesterday was my first day off from the hospital in 6 days (plus I have worked my second job-training PT clients for four of those days), so I tired to use it as a legitimate rest day. However, I did walk more than 3 miles total with clients at the gym, plus did laundry which involved carrying my baskets and supplies up and down 3 flights of steps at my apartment. I also detailed cleaned my car and shampooed the carpets and seats which was a lot of work too. So I consider that an “active” recovery day. I also got a good 2 hour nap in since it was my day off.


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