Whole 30 days 8 and 9

Okay guys. I have a confession. Before the hardcore whole30-er’s reading this blog start throwing things at me… Just hear me out. So this weekend I had a trip planned with my mom to go to the Miranda Lambert Concert in Charlotte, NC. Let me first say that I am a person who is always training my body relentlessly running and lifting. I work two jobs and it equals to about 60 hours a week. I have a very rigid schedule and rarely allow myself to indulge in fun. My life the last six months has been recognizing how hard I am on myself and trying to allow myself to live a little and love myself more, living mindfully in the present.

Even though on the outside I try to put on like I am super confident, I have always struggled with loving the way I look. I plan my meals ahead of time like some kind of sacrificial ritual and I have literally cried for eating something “off track” when I did paleo before. I’ve watched the scale, counted the calories, trying to fit in this box that society wants women to be in. This is not a healthy relationship with food and being a therapist/personal trainer it makes me want to set a better example for my clients. Life is about balancing the good/bad, not beating ourselves up for every single thing we eat- I definitely have more good days than bad. After a heart to heart with my mom and her pointing out how hard I am on myself I realized that I needed to allow myself to open up and actually enjoy the trip and not worry too much about “rules”.

It all started when we stopped at a gas station in Hendersonville, NC. There was a gas station BAR. Yes, a BAR!!!! In a GAS STATION!!! Filled with local craft beers and ciders. This was like a once in a life time opportunity and while I had literally brought enough whole30 snacks, jerky, and water to survive for a week without messing up my whole challenge… I couldn’t pass this up y’all. I tried to keep it as “paelo-fied” as I possibly could and tried a honey dew melon hard cider from Bold Rock Brewing Co. Basically, except from the sugar that allows the drink to ferment- hard ciders are a relatively healthy choice if you are going to drink. So there was slip up #1. I decided at this point I would try to eat compliant foods when we went to eat, but it was a moment that was fun and allowed me to share a unique opportunity with my mom.

When we went to dinner- we ate at Chili’s, where I had a chicken fajita with no seasonings or butter (just to be safe) and a side of broccoli. I did not eat any chips, but loaded my fajitas up with salsa and guacamole. They were delicious. I was pretty much full the whole afternoon after eating there. I snacked on a few veggie chips before the concert, but that was it.

At the concert, I had slip up #2. I guess since I had justified drinking early in the day, I decided to have shock top (unfortunately, I looked for cider since it didn’t upset my stomach earlier and couldn’t find any). It was blazing hot, the music was great and Miranda Lambert is my favorite artist- EVER!. All of her songs correlate to a point in my life and have gotten me through some hard times. Plus, I had my favorite person to dance and sing with right beside me!

I didn’t feel like the beer affected me too much during the show, but I was excited and danced for basically five hours straight. When we got back to the hotel, I could feel a sharp pain in my stomach and a headache coming on. The next morning I felt so swollen and a sharp headache. I definitely didn’t drink to the point of intoxication, so the only thing I can think of is that the wheat beer definitely caused the irritation. So even though it was a slip up, one of my goals of this challenge was to pin point foods/beverages that are causing irritation to my body. Obviously, I accomplished part of that goal and definitely learned a lesson. I definitely felt guilty and embarrassed on my way back home- thinking of how those of you following me are going to be disappointed and how I should be ashamed that I let myself down (see, these are the types of “negative” thoughts I am trying so hard not to have) I debated whether or not I should continue or start over and for now I am continuing on. If I have to add a few days on to the end- so be it. When I looked on the whole 30 website it says things like “be an adult” and “its only 30 days”, but having this harsh/militant mindset can be just as detrimental as overeating. I definitely didn’t over-indulge and I immediately got back on track rehydrating and eating whole30 foods the next morning. For now I am just going to take this one day at a time. Even if it is not exactly the way whole30 intended, I am making good health choices for ME for 30 days straight. So here is to starting day 10. I hope I don’t have any more “slip ups” for the next 20 days- I shouldn’t since I have pretty much picked a month where I have nothing going on but work.



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  1. You are so right that obsessing too much over food is just as unhealthy as eating unhealthy. At least you learned from your slip up and are now at the point that you can identify what foods give you irritations or problems. You are a third of the way there, here’s to the next 20 days!

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