Whole30 day 21

Today is officially day 22- almost down to one week left of the challenge! I have already decided that I will pretty much maintain a paleo lifestyle again based on how much better I am feeling and the reduction in stomach pain and spasms that I was having before (which was my primary goal of the challenge)! I will allow myself to have some freedom to have other foods every now and then, but why blow all this progress by splurging on pizza, donuts, ice cream, and junk when this is all over? I do think I am going to try some halo top ice cream- apparently it is a healthy version of ice cream that is 240 calories per pint- and see how I feel.

Day 21 food: 

Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs, walnuts, 1 green apple and coffee with almond milk

Lunch: two beef and pineapple muffins with 1 cup of steamed carrots and 1 cup of mashed sweet potato with coconut cream

Snack: 1 banana

Dinner: Greek crockpot chicken that I had left in the freezer and another apple with some almond butter

Day 22 Workout Rest day =)   I was sore from the workouts this week!  


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