Whole30 Day 22

Today is officially day 23! I can’t believe I am down to 1 week already! So this weekend is my weekend off and I have caught up on some much needed rest, but was also able to organize and get my life back in order since it’s been a few weeks since I just had an easy weekend! I am feeling so much better overall and am almost worried to stop eating this clean because I know how horrible I felt before!

Day 22 food: 

Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs, 1/4 cup of walnuts, and 1 green apple and coffee with almond milk

Lunch: two beef and pineapple meatloaf muffins with 1 cup of steamed carrots

Pre-Workout: 1 cup of mashed sweet potato

Dinner: two beef and pineapple meatloaf muffins, 1 cup of steamed carrots, and a banana (last of this meal in the fridge so I got rid of it!).


Day 22 Workouts: 

AM- Crossfit partner WOD 4 min rounds with 1 min rest in between- wall balls, tire flips, pull-ups, and parking lot sprints. I completed about 52 wall balls, 8 sprints, 55 ring rows, and 50 tire flips.

PM-10 mile run- the first double digit run of the marathon cycle! I had to slow my pace due to the heat, but I accomplished the mileage which is a huge accomplishment since I was worried I would never have the strength to run this far while eating very few carbs! I actually ran after dark- about 9PM and my stomach felt great during the run! I hope that I continue to have the energy and “light” feeling that I had today =)



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