Whole 30 Day 23-24

Today is officially day 25! other than the adult beverages I consumed the one day I did cheat, I can say that I have had no added sugar products for 24 whole days- that is incredible!

So, non-whole 30 talk here. I am trying put together a training plan and race schedule or the rest of the year and I’m realizing that I am not “mentally” there yet. While I thought I would be ready for an October marathon, I just feel like my body and mind are not in synchrony to train for a marathon yet. I am debating switching to a half that month and maybe doing an early winter marathon- not sure what I should do. When I ask myself, why are you really doing it- I can’t really say that it is for fun right now, which is a little disappointing. I am picturing jumping right in and being completely overwhelmed with how much I am trying to balance in my life physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I think that I have overloaded myself with financial goals for the year and with having two careers going at the same time leaves me with little time to recover and practice self-care. I am cutting down some hours at the end of this month with personal training which will leave more room open for running in the mornings before work instead of training in the sweltering heat. Also by the end of July I will have my car completely paid off, 1 credit card paid off, and a huge dent in the other categories. Something is just telling me that if I train right now I won’t do as good as if I wait a few months, build my aerobic base back up for a few weeks, and then hit training again at the end of July in order to have a better outcome. Have any of you ever struggled with letting your body say “it’s just not the time” when it comes to training?

I think for those of us crazy endurance athletes we are often chasing race after race because we just feel like it is what we are “supposed to do” I mean, what would it possibly be like to not have long runs every weekend? Maybe I will give it a few more days to decide, but I am just not feeling it y’all. I need to get out of this mental rut! Can I just keeping doing cross fit and still run 26.2 miles easily? (haha- I know that this is not possible, I am just in love with it right now because it is the easiest thing to fit in my schedule with how busy I am)

Day 23 Food: This weeks is the massive emptying of the pantry/freezer week!

Breakfast- You guessed it, 2 eggs, 1 green apple, and 1/4 cup of walnuts with a bullet proof coffee

lunch- met my friends for church and lunch afterwards. They wanted BBQ and I had plain dry wings (BORING) and some pickles with an un sweet tea.

Dinner- I used some sauerkraut and hotdogs to make a skillet with steamed broccoli. Had an apple with almond butter before taking my meds and going to sleep.

Day 23 Workout:

1 hour flow yoga and inversion practice.

Day 24 Food:

Breakfast: Same ole’ thing, but it is tried and true for me now.

Lunch- two buffalo chicken meatloaf muffins (I’ll post the link to the recipe below because it is the bomb diggity) with roasted veggies (a conglomeration of what I have left for this challenge- sweet potatoes, red potatoes, and broccoli).

Pre-workout snack- homemade coco-matcha energy bar (recipe to be posted)

Post workout- a banana to get me through til dinner

Late dinner- I had the buffalo chicken and veggies AGAIN because I love it! Also one apple with some almond butter with my meds. IMG_0164[1]

Day 24 workouts:

Crossfit- we started our summer of strength sessions today.

3x 10 deadlifts @ 85# (50% 1 rep max)

WOD: 200 M sprint, 15 pushups, and 30 flutter kicks three times for time.

Afterwards I did core work and handstand practice because I am in love with being upside down now that I can do it!


****Link to the recipe:  http://paleomg.com/buffalo-chicken-mini-meatloaf/





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