Whole 30 Day 28-29

EEEK! I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day!!! I am hoping to finish it with a holiday 5K tomorrow and then I have bought two pints of Halo Top Ice Cream to test out (Birthday Cake and Mint Chip flavors)  on the 31st day. I have already meal prepped for next week and have kept it compliant with whole30 / paleo rules- so I won’t be going crazy like I have heard of some people doing and eating burgers, pizza, and fries. The thoughts of those foods make me feel a little nauseous now. I think its due to the brain washing and literal detox I went through. I don’t want to feel that sick again!

Day 28 Food: 

Breakfast- 2 hardboiled eggs, 1/4 cup of walnuts, and a green apple with coffee

Lunch- The last of my buffalo chicken muffins and roasted veggies

Snacks- banana and a homemade energy bar

Dinner-grassfed beef hotdogs with sauerkraut and another apple with some melted almond butter and dark cocoa powder for dip.

Day 28 Workout: Crossfit we did our second round of dead lifts for the week 3 x 10 @ 85# for me. Then we did our WOD: 21-15-9 for time of Kettle bell swings and Burpees (used 35# KB). This one left me feeling like toast.

Day 29 Food: 

Breakfast- 2 hardboiled eggs with 1/4 cup of almonds and a green apple and coffee

Lunch- I had a grilled chicken salad from Zoe’s Kitchen with the feta and pita left out and a peach (so glad these are in season now)

Snack- a Banana and an apple I don’t know why I was so hungry today

Dinner-two turkey/bacon/blueberry meatloaf muffins and 1 cup of roasted brussel sprouts

Day 29 Workout:  tried a cross fit endurance workout I found on pinterest- My shin (which I suspected had a stress fracture last month) is hurting horribly again.

  • 800 M run Warm up
  • 50 Situps / 50 Double Unders / 400 M run
  • 40 Situps / 40 Double Unders / 400 M run
  • 30 Situps / 30 Double Unders / 400 M run
  • 20 Situps / 20 Double Unders / 400 M Run
  • 10 Situps / 10 Double Unders
  • 800 M Run Cool Down

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