Fall Race Schedule 2016

Hey everyone! So I have had a hard time deciding on where to take my running adventures in the next several months. While I really would like to continue to work on speed and potentially qualifying for Boston some day, my life and stress levels have been at an all time high the past couple of months. I have been getting on the trails again and that seems to be the one and only solace that is helping. So the decision has been made to attempt to pursue a 50 miler again. The last time I attempted this was two years ago- when I wrecked havoc on my immune system and had strep throat that wouldn’t go away. Now that my tonsils are gone, hopefully I can train without getting so sick this time. I definitely learned some lessons from my last attempt. For those of you that don’t know, the longest run I have completed was around 38-40 miles (we weren’t allowed to have GPS and it was an unmarked course). I have developed a race schedule so that I can attempt some longer distance runs and ultra’s working up to it, but I feel like this is the time to work on achieving a 50 miler!

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2016 Tentative Fall Race Schedule:

  • July 30- Panther Creek (trail) 1/2 Marathon
  • August 6th- Holston River Challenge (this one is a “maybe”)
  • August 13th- Haw Ridge Trail Run 7-ish miles
  • August 20- Nashville Spartan Sprint
  • September 24th- Virginia Super Spartan or the Big South Fork Trail Race
  • October 1st-Stump Jump 50K (training race)
  • October 8- Rock and Root 30K (training race)
  • October 15th – The Dirt Circuit (probably going to attempt 24 hours)
  • October 29th- Carolina Spartan Beast
  • November 12th- Norris Dam 50K
  • November 19th- Secret City 1/2 Marathon
  • December 17th- Lookout Mountain 50 Miler – Chattanooga TN

I am still working out the schedule and making sure I will have the funds of course- but trying to add some longer distance races so that I have some support and other people to run with for my longer training runs. Wish me Luck!!!! I am hoping to make it to the finish line this time. If I can make it through the fifty miles- I am hoping to apply to run the Georgia Death Race in the spring which is about 72 miles.

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