Catching Up

2016 was such an eventful year for me. It was one of healing, finding myself, and defining where I wanted to take my future. After literally “getting kicked off the horse” over and over between 2014 and 2015 and never really getting back on successfully, I realized that I had to take charge of the way that I reacted to negativity and change. No one likes change, right?

I started 2016 with broader resolutions that I had in past years (with the mind set of not wanting to fail at them again). What I didn’t realize was that 2016 was my comeback year, the year of the most emotional growth, and the year that I would start to accept things as they were instead of resisting and insisting for them to be the way that I wanted them to be.

Here were my 2016 resolutions:

Do more things that I love

  • Hike more trails
  • PR in the Marathon
  • Maybe complete a ½ ironman
  • Do a weekend back packing trip


Even though these are pretty long and lengthy, it took much evaluation to start realizing where I needed to be in my life at that point in time. I knew that my saving grace from going into a deep depression is the joy that I find in being an athlete. In 2016, I did achieve a PR in the marathon by almost 8 minutes. However, I realized that I was getting faster, but not happier. 2 things happened. During this time, I was training with a group of mostly road runners. I was comparing myself constantly to other people in the group, as there was a lot of internal competition and “click’s”. I also felt that I was constantly injured, sick, or tired. The training program was asking me to run at least five days per week, with speed sessions every week and didn’t give a specific prescription for cross training or weight lifting. I actually started gaining weight, especially in my abdomen. Being that I had just come off a knee injury prior to training for the Knoxville Marathon, I decided to take some time away from the group and try a different approach to training.

I started doing cross fit and functional workouts again after doing a lot of research of my own into nontraditional endurance training. I did the whole 30 challenge to get back into a paleo lifestyle and I started running with people who truly enjoy running rather than the competition between each other or talking about who has the best running clothes and shoes. I started running trails and I set new goals as an ultra-marathon runner. I started enjoying my sport again, actually, I grew to LOVE my sport again. After having to drop out of the 50 miler I trained for two years ago due to constantly being sick, I finally completed my first 50 mile race, as well as 2 50K’s and a 12 hour endurance run and 2 Spartan races. I managed to podium in 2 of these ultras and even had an age group finish (3rd place) for my first 50 mile! Coming into 2017, I feel stronger and more focused. I see food as fuel for my body rather than a treat that I need to reward myself. I challenge my heart rate in different ways and my metabolism/energy is increased due to the cross training. My training plans allow time for cross training and lifting and I have continued to hit PR’s this way. In November I set another PR in a road ½ marathon which proved that this method of training is doable for my life.

I did hike/run more trails. I did not do a ½ ironman due to deciding to focus on ultra-running, but someday I will. I also didn’t “back pack” per say but I did camp, a lot, while traveling for races.

Financial Freedom

  • Pay off my car
  • Pay of credit cards
  • Budget better


This was a huge goal for me in 2016. Throughout my life I had always compared myself to others and normalized debt as just being a part of everyone’s life. That is until it seemed like all of my paychecks when to paying this bill or that bill. I decided that I did not want to live my life this way and actually see it as a source of depression and negative thinking now. I decided to live below my means and still am into 2017. I moved into an apartment that was 1 bed room, has the tiniest kitchen, and is in an area that most people do not want to live in. However, it was clean, has been safe, and it took up a very small portion of my budget. What I have realized is that I do not miss all the “things” I used to have. I am rarely home and having the extra room in my budget allowed me to pay of my vehicle loan, 2 credit cards, and make a huge dent in the remaining debt.

I read books and articles about budgeting and am using the Ramsey methods to pay down remaining debt. I know it will take a while to tackle the student loan, but as for everything else I will be debt free by August this year if I continue with my payment plans. I also leave room for some fun, but I reward myself now with trips and experiences rather than clothes and “things” for my home. It has helped me feel free and I have grown so much from this resolution.

Career Development

  • Become a corrective exercise specialist
  • Become a certified weight loss specialist
  • Work on LCSW hours


For those who do not know, I basically have two ongoing careers. I am a Licensed Master Level Social Worker and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. As part of the financial freedom goals, I also focused heavily on career development to go hand in hand with financial freedom. I renewed my CPT and started taking personal training clients as a second job again at the beginning of the year. I continued my education and completed both certifications and it definitely shows with my client population. Most of them have had significant injuries that they are now recovering from and all lost many inches this year!

My LCSW will take a while, but I took on so many new responsibilities with taking a job in Mental Health. I have realized that both of my professions tie together and hopefully someday I hope to be able to work independently to creatively fuse the two together as one job.


  • Go to church more
  • Practice gratitude


Ahhh, the most precious of all my resolutions. So when I set this goal, it sounded simple in theory. However, looking back at where I was in January 2016, it was not a good place. I had failed relationships (a marriage), failed OCS, had a huge career change with a pay cut, had started over for like the 3rd time in two years, and was miserable. This was just two years of craziness, let alone multiple other traumas in my life that I had never really “dealt with”. I was in a place mentally where I truly did not feel like I had any purpose to my life anymore and that I was just constantly going through the motions. One day, I was driving and every time I drove over a bridge and saw the water below I could visualize taking my own life. Yes, that is a very scary thought to have.

I realized that day, after I came home and prayed and cried, that I needed to see a way to make things better again. I started reading scriptures and books about spirituality. I started praying again and meditating. I did go to church more, but it wasn’t just about sitting in a “building” with other Christians. It became a practice of taking every day one day at a time and waking up with gratitude. I prayed on top of mountain tops during my runs. Sometimes I would step out of my office at work and go walk and thank God for everything he has given me, even the bad things, because without them I would not be as understanding to my clients. I realized that I am not supposed to “understand” everything all the time and that we all have a purpose even if we haven’t found it yet.

I started to change and it showed. Other people started vocalizing that I was an inspiration to them. At work, I was able to help other see the light that I once was unable to see at the end of the tunnel. My boss even told me that I am a natural at therapy (something I was terrified of doing just because I’ve always thought I was too flawed myself to be a “therapist”). I realized that my problems very minuscule sometimes compared to others and that without struggle and I would never know how great life can be.

I also started seeing a therapist myself. I completed EMDR/Trauma Focused CBT to process multiple demons and traumas that I had pushed way down inside for many years. I realized that despite trying to ignore them, they had a sneaky way disrupting my life and relationships. They were a source of fear and at the same time kept me complacent and avoidant of taking risks. Through healing, my self-esteem improved and I was able to laugh when things didn’t go the way I planned for them to instead of viewing change and struggles as a catastrophe. While I would say that I still have some bad days, they are never as bad as that day on the bridge. 2016 was a beginning; a “new door opened”. I hope to continue to expand on this growth this coming year and I am starting it from a place of being thankful to be alive and present.


So how’s life been?

So for those of you that follow me on Facebook, it is pretty obvious from my pictures and posts lately that I am officially in the throes of my end of summer race season. I haven’t posted in a few weeks due to life being extremely busy, but I have several updates.


What has life been like post whole 30?

So Whole 30 was great for my body and I needed the reset, however it takes a lot of time and money to prepare meals ahead of time and eat 100% clean for 30 days. I am still eating a mostly primal diet (I am saying primal rather than “paleo” because I am eating organic cheeses, yogurt, milk etc.- which is not allowed with paleo). One thing that I added back in was dairy because it is a great affordable source of protein, but I make sure to buy organic and without a lot of sugar. I am also eating some gluten free oatmeal and cereal for some extra carbs now that my mileage is back in the double digits. Also… Peanut butter. I am sorry, but this is my number one vice. Things that haven’t worked out well so far are breads and Mexican food for some reason- I tried this last week at a training and was sick for 2 days. Not sure if it was just the restaurant that catered or the fact that I had not had tortilla chips, beans, or those seasonings in over two months.

What have I been doing?

So in the past month I have done a lot of running and racing! 3 weeks ago I ran the new trail ways at Norris Dam with friends and then did Mt. Leconte the following day- so a total of 20 miles for Sat./Sun. Then the next week I competed in the Xterra Panther Creek ½ marathon and placed 1st in age group!!!! Then… Last weekend I did my first Spartan in a year and a ½ and ran the Asheville Super Spartan. I ran the Spartan for fun, but realized that I do need to improve grip strength and stamina on the hills. I am hoping to do much better when I do the Carolinas Beast in October, with new training ideas. I placed 23 in age group which was okay considering the competition that was there in the women’s elite heat.

August is a busy month for some reason- it is for sure the hottest here in the south, so I am pretty sure that race directors are just sadistic and want to put on a race every weekend to torture us! This weekend I am doing Haw Ridge Trail Race and the following weekend is the Tennessee Spartan Sprint. Both of these races will be shorter distances- I am hoping to do well, but realize that you can’t realistically perform your complete best with little to no rest. This month is about pushing my mental limitations and amping up my training for the winter.

I have been continuing to do cross fit mixed in with my runs. My body is finally adapting and I am not left so sore that I can’t move after the workouts now. I can tell my grip strength is improving (something that is important for OCR) and I am so determined to get some strict pullups again. We are currently doing “summer of deadlifts” and I am now at 135 pounds this week. We will work up to a one rep max and build from there. I am noticing a huge difference in core strength and my speed is improving on hill workouts, due to all of the glute and hamstring work with deadlifts and squats.

What’s coming up for Me?

So I officially lost my mind and I have signed up for the Georgia Death Race (68-ish miles) for next April. To prepare, I will be doing a couple of 12/24 hour endurance events, 50K, and 50 Mile (Lookout Mountain Chattanooga) in December. I just want to finish these races since I consider myself new to ultra-running and haven’t done a 50K since November 2014.

What does a typical day of training look like?

With having two simultaneous careers going currently, I have to be creative with planning my workouts. When I am doing personal training- I get some mobility and core work in with my clients that are advanced- jumping in on some parts of their workouts also pushes them to test their own limits.

Tuesdays/Thursdays are dedicated to running. I will do a hill workout and a speed workout on either day. On my day off is a long run, usually on trails. If I am not too sore I will add in an extra day in the week to do an easy 3-5 mile run.

M, W, F- are usually cross fit days. I try to do some other cardio for cross training as well such as the stair climber or rower. Sometimes due to my workout schedule I have to combine days and will do my run then do cross fit or vice versa. I try not to do that as it ends up being a two hour workout on those days and I am depleted for work the next day.

I also try to do Yoga at least once a week- usually Sunday or Monday.

Whole 30 – Day 30!!!

So yesterday was my last day of the Whole 30 Challenge. It was an emotional process at first, but I must say that I am so glad that I did it. I am going to list the pro’s and con’s here in this blog post and some lessons I learned. Yesterday I finished the day off with a 10 mile run- with a 5k built in. I was able to get a PR (kind of unintentionally) which to me is indicator that my overall health is improving. It was the first race I have ever done where I did not have any stomach pain or cramping whatsoever. I did try some Halo Top ice cream (pictured below) when I got home because I felt like I deserved it after all the hard work- so far- no adverse reaction to the dairy. I really think it was the wheat and other grains that I was having problems with before the challenge.

So here are my (terrible) before and after pictures. I can see some differences, though they are not that drastic, I can tell a huge difference in my abdomen. I don’t look as “bloated” and can see some definition in my abs. I wish I would have had someone else do the photos so that you can see them better.

Pro’s:  No stomach pain, I lost 6 pounds with out having to use portion control and the foods I ate were actually good and flavorful, No bloating or stomach cramping, my strength at cross fit seems to be better, Better sleep, I know what goes in my food now, no sugar cravings, no afternoon crash at work, clearer skin, I had a 5k PR, it seems easy to wake up at 4:30 AM now, more energy, I learned new recipes and cooking styles, and I saved some money not eating out anymore.

Cons: This challenge makes it hard to eat out with friends and family (especially if they are not supportive), You do spend a little bit more on groceries (however, you can make this very low budget if necessary), you do have to cook most of your food at home, You will start wishing for new Tupperware containers and cook ware instead of new clothes and shoes, you pretty much obsess over your meals, you spend hours reading labels and ingredient lists to find out almost everything has soy and sugar in it these days, and you will go through a detox phase where you feel sick and fatigued (but it does eventually end).

Overall this challenge helped me learn more about how the ingredients I put into my body made me feel. While I will not be so strict and hard on myself I will stick a mostly paleo diet for the next few months to see if the progress can stick. I will post some blogs about my weekly meal prep and possibly continue to take progress pictures throughout my next marathon and strength training cycle. Thank you all for following along and if you have any questions at all about trying this challenge shoot me an email or a comment! I may do it again in January just to help clients get on track after the holiday season!

Race Results



I will admit that I have been the worst at keeping track of my race results over the years. When I first started running, I never thought I would actually take it this seriously. Luckily, for most races, if you registered online they keep track of the results for years so I am trying to put together a snap shot of my progress so that it is easier to compare new results to how I did in the past! I am going to split the results up into categories of Road, Trail, OCR, and Triathlon so that it is easier to read here.


Road Races

Date Race/location Time Place if applicable
5/19/2012 7th Annual Run for the Warriors 10K – Jacksonville, NC 54:02
9/22/2012 Marine Corps ½ Marathon – Jacksonville, NC 2:19:10
10/13/2012 Beirut Memorial 10K-Jacksonville, NC 54:51
12/01/2012 The Physical Therapy Clinic Merry Fitness 5K- Jacksonville, NC 24:48
12/8/2012 Santa Shuffle 5K – Jacksonville, NC 24:41
5/18/2013 8th Annual Run for the Warriors ½ Marathon- Jacksonville, NC 2:13:30
10/?/2013 Marine Corps Marathon- Washington, DC 5:39:51
3/30/2014 Knoxville Marathon- Knoxville, TN 4:40:42
9/27/2014 Nashville Women’s ½ Marathon- Nashville, TN 1:51:34
Feb. 2015 Whitestone 30K- Kingston, TN 2:54:31 1st in age group
4/01/2015 Knoxville Marathon- Knoxville, TN 4:01:46
5/28/2015 Rock n’Roll Marathon- Nashville, TN 4:16:02
2/6/2016 Strawberry Plains ½ marathon- Strawberry Plains, TN 1:45:08 4th in age group
2/28/2016 Whitestone 30K- Kingston, TN 2:46:50 1st in age group




Knoxville Marathon- Knoxville, TN


Pilot Fireball Moonlight 5K- Knoxville, TN





5th in age group



3rd in Age group



Date Race/location Time Place if applicable
2/9/2013 X-Treme Endurance Challenge 10K- Jacksonville, NC 1:03:55
3/16/2013 St. Paddy’s Engineer 5 Mile Run- Jacksonville, NC 54:25
3/23/2013 Carolina Spartan Sprint- Charlotte, NC 1:36:49
3/23/2013 Carolina Spartan Hurricane Heat- Charlotte, NC
4/20/2013 Zombie Escape 5K- Raleigh NC 34:22 1st place age group
4/27/2013 MARSOC Mud Sweat and Tears 5 Mile Run- Jacksonville, NC 46:48
8/24/13 VA Super Spartan- Wintergreen , VA 4:02:31 5th age group
11/9/2013 Carolina Spartan Beast- NC 3:33:14 3rd age group
3/15/2014 St. Paddy’s Engineer 5 Mile Challenge- Jacksonville, NC 52:11
4/26/2014 MARSOC Mud, Sweat and Tears 5 Mile Challenge- Jacksonville, NC 42:41 1st place age group, 5th overall female
6/14/2014 Fear the Reaper 12 hour endurance event- Cosby, TN ? Completed 8 laps ~35-40 Miles
11/8/2014 SEAL: Night Ops 8K- Cosby, TN 1:49:59 3rd overall female
2/7/2015 SEAL: Frozen Few 10K- Cosby, TN 1:57:34 2nd overall female
4/11/2015 Charlotte Spartan Sprint- Charlotte, NC 1:43:00 9th age group




SEAL: First Light 5K- Cosby, TN

Asheville Super Spartan-Asheville, NC





3rd overall female

Elite Heat: 70 in gender 23 in age, 244 out of 323 elite (M/F) overall


Trail Races

Date Race/location Time Place if applicable
7/21/2012 Sandsational 8K Beach Run- Jacksonville, NC 46:46
4/12/2014 War at Windrock 3 Stage Trail Series: Oliver Spring’s TN

36 miles (for a “50K”!!)

9:37:22 3rd overall female


4/12/2014 War at Windrock 4Mile 47:39 1st overall female
4/12/2014 War at Windrock 10K Uphill climb 2:32:26 4th overall female
4/12/2014 War at Windrock 34K Trail Run 6:17:17 4th overall female
7/?/2014 Haw Ridge Trail race- 7 Miles- Oak Ridge, TN 1:09:51




Norris Dam Hard Trail Race- 50K- Norris, TN


XTerra 13.1 Panther Creek, TN





11th overall female



1st in age group


Whole 30 Day 18-19

I am finally starting to feel some return in energy from the hellacious food challenge that I decided to put myself through. My muscles are a little achy and heavy feeling during my workouts, but I am getting through them finally. I have been listening to the audio book (something I wish I would have done prior to starting the challenge!) and I am learning so much about our food. I do feel like I am brain washing myself to hate whole grains listening to it driving down the road. If anyone rode with me they would think it is total non-sense unless they are as crazy as I am.

I want to know some of your questions that you all have about doing this challenge? Some of them that I have received so far:

  1. how much are you spending on groceries?

I have been averaging about 50-65 dollars a week on food for myself. However, I stocked up the month before I started this challenge for some staples like coconut oil, spices, and almond meal. That saved me some money over time on what I need to meal prep and these items last a while. I purposely choose foods that are healthy, but do not cost a fortune. I certainly don’t want to go broke on this challenge. The first shopping trip I spent about 125 dollars – kind of on accident. I was still learning how to shop for foods that were compliant and picked fancier meats that you really don’t have to buy. That meal prep yielded a lot of food and I still have some meals frozen in my freezer that I will probably get rid of next week in my final days of the challenge.

Also, I am saving so much money just from not going out to eat. Going out can cost between 8-12 dollars if you are getting salads or healthy items plus a drink. So if you do that a couple of times a week that would be almost half of the allowance you have for groceries.

This budget is more than what I used to spend on groceries and I probably wont’ stick with all of the strict rules after the challenge just because of the price of some of the items that you can buy. I just try to think of the money I will save on healthcare and medications later on in life from being healthy now and nurturing my body.

  1. How do you find time to meal prep?

I think I will do a whole blog post of meal prepping! I was doing it before whole 30 so the transition to preparing food ahead of time was not that difficult- just more complicated to find things that are totally compliant. I also ate rice, oat meal, and cereal a lot.

One of my favorite quotes that I have seen is this–

“Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail”

If you are as busy as I am, meal prep is a priority or I will eat crappy food all week just because of what is available at work and the limited time I have to cook after/before work each day.

Day 18 Food:

8:45 AM- 2 hardboiled eggs, 1/4 cup of walnuts, and a green apple +coffee with almond milk

11:35 AM- two beef and pineapple meatloaf muffins and 1 cup of steamed carrots +a banana

Pre-workout snack- homemade mango coconut bar and 1 cup of unsweetened applesauce

8:00 PM Pork with Cabbage and Potato Salad

Day 18 Workout: 10 minute EMOM- 2 squat cleans. I did half at 55 pounds and half at 65 pounds (tougher than it sounds) followed by an 11 minute AMRAP (with 1 minute rest every two minutes) of 5 pull ups, 10 push press (used 35#), 5 Burpees – I completed Six rounds. After Crossfit I ran 3.5 miles fairly easy with two long hills.

Day 19 Food:

430 AM- a banana and coffee just to get something in my stomach before training PT clients.

9:00 AM- Coconut  Lara Bar

10:30- Paleo Pancake with almond butter and blueberries

3:30 PM- Green apple slices with a grass fed beef hotdog

7:00 PM- I met my mom at Chipotle for dinner and got a salad bowl with carnitas, salsa, and guacamole. I was still a little hungry so I had some watermelon when I got home.

Day 19 Workouts: 2 miles on the stair climber and 10 minutes of a Push/Pull routine (50# “sled” push and 50# rope pull with kettle bell on the end-20 Feet each) + core training afterwards. I also walked about 1.5 miles with clients in the morning.

*At my gym we do not have functional training equipment so I made a makeshift sled with the bench and two 25# plates. One of the rooms is carpeted and the bench slides around just like a sled would.

My ultimate playlist for feeling empowerment as a woman

So, things have been moving along this month. I have been really busy (but grateful for this) with work. I am not sure if I really put this out there, but I work two jobs, my full time job is doing individual therapy inpatient and outpatient for a local mental health organization. My second is personal training at a local gym and also have been doing some coaching for a running club. So I basically have been working in overhaul to help get some clients caught up on sessions that they missed during the holiday season at the gym and have been working 55 hours a week since my marathon cycle ended! This has put my own training in a weird predicament. The timing is good, because my body needed a rest from OCS followed by a tough 4.5 months of marathon training. I have been focusing more on recovery, strengthening my body back up, mobility, and just running for… FUN. No watches or major paces to watch… which is actually refreshing. It’s making me remember why I loved it in the first place. I have finally picked a fall race and will be training for the 7 bridges marathon in Chattanooga in October. My training will start back up in June.

So as many of you know from my last blog post, I recently went through a break up. It made me feel a lot of things I haven’t felt in a while. For the first time since getting a divorce, I had truly opened up 100% to someone else and that was not easy. I also fell hardcore for this person which makes it tough to get over (as much as I put on a front that it’s not that bad). All things happen for a reason and I definitely learned a few lessons, so it was not a completely bad thing. Focusing on work and strength training has really helped, but so did making a super awesome playlist to listen to during my workouts and to/from work everyday. Here it is in case any of you amazing girls that follow me need a mix of new and old tunes to get you over a hump. If this doesn’t represent how diverse my taste in music is, I don’t know what else does!

  1. Marry Well– ZZ Ward
  2. Put the Gun Down– ZZ Ward
  3. Catch us if you can– Elle King
  4. Criminal — ZZ ward
  5. Move like you stole it– ZZ ward
  6. Lil Darlin — ZZ ward
  7. Cryin Wolf– ZZ Ward
  8. Save My Life– ZZ ward
  9. Til the Casket Drops– ZZ Ward
  10. One Last Look — Gin Wigmore
  11. Just Like Fire– P!nk
  12. Freedom- – Beyonce
  13. Formation– Beyonce
  14. Diva– Beyonce
  15. Independent Women– Destiny’s Child
  16. Masterpiece– Jessie J
  17. Take a Bow– Rhianna
  18. Get on your knees– Nicki Minaj
  19. America’s Sweetheart–Elle King
  20. Last Damn Night– Elle King
  21. Dangerous Woman–Ariana Grande
  22. No- Meghan Trainor
  23. Better When I’m Dancin’ — Meghan Trainor
  24. All about that Bass– Meghan Trainor
  25. Lips are Movin’– Meghan Trainor
  26. Gasoline–Halsey
  27. Bang Bang Bang– Dorothy
  28. Wild Fire– Dorothy
  29. Birmingham– Shovels & Rope
  30. Wicked Ones– Dorothy
  31. Raise Hell– Dorothy
  32. Gun in my Hand– Dorothy
  33. Shake it off– Taylor Swift
  34. We are Never Ever Getting Back Together– Taylor Swift
  35. Tornado– Little Big Town
  36. You Lie– The Band Perry
  37. Fastest Girl in Town– Miranda Lambert
  38. Mama’s Broken Heart– Miranda Lambert
  39. Chainsaw–The Band Perry
  40. Tough– Kellie Pickler
  41. Somethin’ Bad– Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood
  42. Little Red Wagon– Miranda Lambert
  43. Bad Karma– Ida Maria
  44. Black Sheep– Gin Wigmore
  45. Kill of the Night– Gin Wigmore
  46. Don’t Stop — Gin Wigmore
  47. Change your life– Iggy Azalea
  48. Trouble– Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Hudson
  49. Black Widow– Iggy Azalea
  50. Fancy–Iggy Azalea
  51. Part of Me– Katy Perry
  52. Flawless- Beyonce and Nicki Minaj
  53. No Scrubs- TLC
  54. I knew you were trouble– Taylor Swift
  55. Va Va Voom- Nicki Minaj
  56. Pretty Girl Rock- Keri Wilson
  57. Diamonds– Rhianna
  58. Fighter– Christina Aguilera
  59. The wild one– Suzi Quatro
  60. Girl on Fire–Alicia Keys
  61. Real Wild Child–Joan Jett
  62. Run the  World– Beyonce
  63. Paper Planes — MIA
  64. you and I– Lady Gaga
  65. Maps–Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  66. Raise Your Glass–P!nk
  67. Cherry Bomb– The Runaways
  68. Man Like That–Gin Wigmore
  69. Fire — Delta Rae
  70. If I loved you– Delta Rae
  71. Thin Line– Honey Honey
  72. Bad Girls– MIA
  73. Superwoman– Alicia Keys
  74. Feeling Myself– Nicki Minaj
  75. Feeling Good–NIna Simone
  76. Doo Wop– Lauryn Hill
  77. Eyes Open– Taylor Swift
  78. You’re Not Sorry– Taylor Swift
  79. Bo$$– Fifth Harmony
  80. If I Could Be Her– ZZ Ward
  81. So What– P!nk

So this playlist so far is about 5 hours long. I will probably keep adding as I hear new songs, but just compiled all the ones I had plus a few new ones that I have been hearing lately. If you have an awesome song that makes you feel empowered as a woman, please comment below!

how does a fit girl handle a breakup?

So I started my blog back up and have yet to post too much due to being so busy. So, since my last post a lot has happened. I ran the Knoxville Marathon for the third year in a row a PR of over six minutes making my finish time 3:54:00!!! This left me more motivated to train again this summer and fall for another marathon so I am currently looking for a fall race.

I wrapped up my first season of coaching the Tennessee Running Club as an assistant coach. This was such a rewarding experience to be a part of. To see kids who are 18-22 making healthy choices, training in the cold weather, sometimes hard rain this winter and managing to win races and achieve personal bests despite this and insurmountable school work.

I gained several new personal training clients and have helped several lose over 10 pounds within the last few months.

I have been working towards my new year’s resolutions still and have paid off over 1500.00 dollars in debt this year so far.

I have been eating healthy and have some recipes and tips to share soon!

I also went through a break up… So I had met a guy in January and things went so well. The first guy that I really fell head over heels for since my divorce two years ago. Dating has definitely been hard- trying to open up to new people and really make yourself vulnerable. Well I did it and needless to say we didn’t want the same things in the end. I have been handling things okay, but it is disappointing and I am definitely sad about it still. SO….

How does a fit girl deal with a break-up?

  1. Gets out and goes and runs her favorite trail in the sunshine.
  2. Meditates at the top of a cliff on her favorite said trail.
  3. Slams sledgehammer on tractor tire until she is in tears.
  4. Takes a hot bath.
  5. Binge watches her favorite movies about independent women- Wild and Million Dollar Baby.
  6. Eats her favorite Ice Cream.
  7. Makes a playlist of songs that make her feel happy.
  8. Wakes up the next day and realizes that she is enough, tough, and can do anything she sets her mind to because she knows her own strength.
  9. Repeats all steps until she feels better.

So I want to hear from you all! How have you handled break-ups and recovered faster?